What is DEA?


Gold , Silver & Bronze 銅章, 銀章, 金章

Total completion time from Bronze to Gold Awards is about 3.5 years according to CCM Centre’s program arrangements (1 year for Bronze, 1 year for Silver, 1.5 years for Gold). Leaders will help you to finish the levels smoothly.

Gold award members will also become a volunteer leader and help staff lead trips for bronze and silver levels

參加者由銅章開始到金章畢業, 按照本中心安排之課程,完成時間大概為三年半 (銅章一年, 銀章一年, 金章一年半). 計劃領袖將提供專業意見, 助參加者更順利完成章級.

參與金章者, 更會成為計劃義工領袖, 及帶領銅章及銀章活動.