Why DEA?

Study 升學

In the last year UBC has changed their entry requirement and you have to hand in your extra-curricular activity experience. It is more than likely that other schools will follow suit. Joining DEA program will help their resume and show that they are well rounded people and not just students.

自去年起, 卑詩大學 (University of British Columbia) 更新了入學要求, 規定申請者提交課外話動履歷, 預料不少大專學院也即將仿傚. 參加國際知名的愛丁堡公爵獎勵計劃就更能有助學生得到大專學院取錄, 同時能有益身心, 多學習不同技能.

Career 就業

DEA emphasizes all around development. Anything from physical recreation, map reading, social service to skills. Other than gaining all these experiences from the program, many corporations and organization like to see DEA in job recruitment. The program can also help the participant to find their passions from being exposed to different places and situations that you cannot find at home.

愛丁堡公爵獎勵計劃注重全面發展, 由體育運動, 野外定向, 到社區關懷以及技能訓練也一一涵蓋. 參加者除了可從活動中得到寶貴經驗外, 由於不少企業及機構於招聘時也非常重視愛丁堡公爵獎勵計劃, 計劃也能有助參加者尋找理想職業. 透過計劃中接觸不同活動, 更有助參加者認清自己的長處和改善弱點, 對未來前途也非常有幫助.