Why with us?

Since 2009, CCM has been given the authority to host the DEA program, and we have accepted almost a hundred youth, that include 20 gold members. CCM has different activities that are run regularly, like wilderness training, dragon boating, badminton camp, guitar classes and etc., as well as providing social service opportunities.

CCM has great mentors and leaders who have undergone various certifications and have experienced all the things the program provides and will help them bring insight and advice to the participants. DEA provides a good learning environment for the youth. This will help them with their already bright futures.

中信中心於2009 年起取得愛丁堡公爵獎勵計劃之舉辦權, 至今已取錄近百名年輕人, 其中包括20 名金章參加者. 中信中心定期舉辦不同活動, 包括野外定向訓練, 龍舟隊, 羽毛球營, 結他班等等, 以及提供社會服務機會, 讓年輕人可以學習, 亦能讓愛丁堡公爵獎勵計劃參加者完成各項章級要求.

中信中心同時擁有優良師資, 計劃領袖全接受過不同方面的專業訓練, 保證能讓參加者得到最優良的學習環境, 為未來升學及尋找理想職業作最佳準備.